Reinventing Supply Chain with Mobile Technology

TMS Mobility Delivered!

TMS2go Mobile Transportation Management System App

Discover New Possibilities with TMS2go

Pack, Print and Dispatch all your freight in one user friendly mobile app

TMS2go incorporates best warehouse practices:

  • Increased order fill rate – fast and accurately
  • Reduced steps to process a shipment
  • Improved visibility – as an order is packed, not after
  • Optimization – consolidate orders going to the same location
  • Safety – work towards a contact free environment

TOTALogistix Partners with Seiko

TMS2go and Seiko Instruments have joined forces to offer a mobile printing solution for warehouses. The Seiko Instruments Thermal mobile printer MP-A40 series allows users to print shipping labels at the pallet conveniently and quickly. No more walking back and forth to the shipping office. Save time, energy and decrease change of human error by printing shipping labels at the pallet!

TMS2go Mobile Printing Partner Seiko Printing

TMS2go is a mobile app that integrates with all TMS, WMS and ERPs. Assisting companies shipping Freight (LTL) Less Than Truck Load. TMS2go removes the manual back and forth between the shipping office and the warehouse with one easy to use platform. Step up to todays shipping technology

Easily enter and generate shipping dimensions for pallet shipment with DimCam. Quickly and efficiently pack Freight (LTL) Less Than Load by using our scan feature. Scanning removes manual entry and reduces human error. All information is then transferred automatically to your Transportation Management System (TMS). Go green with no more paper!

Keep Track of all pallet location and notify Shipping office. Viewing capabilities Tablet, Mobile Phone & Computer. View all open orders by carrier on TV screen in one convenient location…Never leave a pallet on the warehouse floor accidently again!

How the App Works​


No more walking back and forth to the shipping office to get paperwork. Or manually writing the pallet information and dimensions paperwork. Easily print labels while standing right next to the pallets or packages using TMS2go. Efficiency and simplicity now at your fingertips!
TMS2go Mobility Delivered.

Pack Orders

  • Avoid errors while packing orders. With easy barcode scanning you can eliminate keystrokes entirely. No more miscounted pallets. Quick and efficient shipping labels.
  • No more inspection fees from carriers on inaccurate freight class if your items have density based. Accurately calculate the freight class based on pallet dims.
TMS Mobile App. Pack freight.

Full Visibility

  • View Open, Active and Completed shipments all in one convenient location.
  • Need to Consolidate? its as simple as 123! If there are shipments going to the same location, send them on one BOL – saving money and improving service. All of this done automatically!
TMS2go Mobile app Ship Freight


No more pushing paper! Pack by Scan…Scanning to enter pallet data including dimensions eliminates all tedious manual entry and removes any chance of human error. DimCam will then automatically transfer all you important  shipping information to the Transportation Management System (TMS)… free yourself from pushing paper implement DimCam today!


Visibility begins at the dock! Know exactly what has been loaded and more importantly, what hasn’t been loaded yet. With this sound process enabled by DocView, companies can virtually eliminated errors in misplaced pallets or freight unintentionally left on the floor. Viewing capabilities on Tablets, Mobile Phones & Computers. Display all open orders by carrier on a TV screen in your warehouse or other convenient location

Our Story

Led by the belief that even the most efficient supply chains can grow and improve

TOTALogistix, as one of the best-in-class 3PL providers we spend 100% of our time solving supply chain issues.

What does that mean to you? It means using our industry knowledge and proprietary technology we help uncomplicate the supply chain process, which results in considerable savings for you! 

Take the next step to increase your supply chain data, decrease your time spent pushing paper and eliminate manually imputing pallet information.

Contact TOTALogistix today to set up TMS2go for your company!

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